HacktoberFest Once Again?How to take part in it?


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HacktoberFest is back again in the year 2022 and here’s all you’ll probably need to know… in order to start hacking.

As suggested by the title name, Hacktober Fest starts every year in the month of October and ends as soon as the month ends.

Okay, now you know what the name refers to, but what actually is Hacktober Fest?

Well, I have a little news for you, it’s not about hacking — the hacking where you exploit machines. The good news is, you get to learn much. And by “much”, I mean very very much.

What is HacktoberFest?

Hacktober Fest is an event where you contribute to open-source projects on GitHub and make the software community better. First 40000 people to do this receive a prize.

hactober fest image
hacktober fest


  • Get a tree planted in your name.
  • OR A hacktober fest T-Shirt.

Open-Source Projects/Software:

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open source image

Before jumping into Hacktober Fest, it is better to know what Open-Source Projects are.

The term Open Source or Open-Source Software refers to something people can modify and share because it is publicly accessible.

One of the best examples of places where open-source software is available is GitHub.

GitHub — Version Control:

If you are a programmer, you must have faced the issue where you think you have done something wrong and you wish you could go back to the code you wrote earlier. To tackle this, you make different copies of your code.

OKAY, copies are nice, but what if you make a lot of copies such that:

  • You run out of space.
  • You don’t know which copy contains what code.
  • Lots of folder copies
  • Things get worse when you come back to your code after some long duration of time.
  • This is where GitHub or Git comes in.

Think of Git as a tool that helps to manage your code in versions. You can save your code with a commit.

GitHub does the same thing but online.

You can collaborate with other people who write code. Different types of plugins, packages and libraries are made open source for people to use without any cost or charges. You store your code in a folder on GitHub. In terms of GitHub, that very folder is called a Repository.

Participating In Hacktober Fest:

There are two types of people who participate in HacktoberFest.

  • The people who maintain — look after open-source projects.
  • The people who contribute to open-source projects.

For maintainers:

  • Make a repository if you don’t have one.
  • Add a topic hacktober fest-accepted to your project repository.
  • Provide guidelines on what pattern people should contribute.
  • Review and merge the changes/contributions people make.

For Contributors:

  • Click fork on the top right corner of a repository. An online copy of the repo will be made on your account.
  • Clone the repository on your computer or just press the “.” button on your keyboard on the repository screen to open VS code Web.
  • Do the changes you want to and commit them.
  • Once you do these steps, you will see an option “Compare & Pull Request”, or you can just go to the parent repository and go to the pull requests section and make a pull request.
  • Write about whatever changes you added.
  • Wait for me to review your changes and merge the valid ones into the master branch.

And NO, the contribution need not be coded. It can be anything from comments to code or even just your name.

If you want to find this helpful do let me know in the comments. Click here to check out some more of my writings.


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