5 reasons why mosquitos love you more than they love others


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As a little boy, I often used to run around and swing my hands in the air to get rid of the stubborn little mosquitos away from me. Needless to say, it never got the job done. My approach would have been different if I had known the things I am going to tell you guys. As it turns out, mosquitos are neither as simple nor as mysterious as one might think them to be.

The following headings will help you develop a better understanding of the issue:

1. Blood type

Mosquitos go with what feels good on their tongue (called a stylet in the case of mosquitos). As per research, people with blood group O are most susceptible to mosquito bites. Blood group O accounts for a wide variety of human populations, so it’s no wonder many people have complaints about these little buggers. Blood group A is half as desirable when compared with type O and type is somewhere in the middle. Blood group is not something we can control and gives little to no leverage to our cause to save ourselves from mosquito bites.

2. CO2

Sense of smell and vision are the two main ways they use to find and track their target, with the sense of smell being their main method. The sense of smell is so effective that it can detect co2 within a radius of 50m. Co2 is the main stimulus detected by the mosquitos which come from humans as we breathe. So when a person is physically big or is breathing rapidly like after exercise, more co2 is excreted from the body and the mosquitos are more attracted to that person. At night, plants also excrete CO2 in bulk, which could be why there are many bugs in the trees at night. It is best to avoid such areas.

3. Pregnancy

Co2 emission and high body temperature are the main attractions for mosquitos. Since pregnant women naturally breathe more and have higher body temperatures, they are more exposed to mosquito bites. The degree of elevation is not minor either. The co2 excretion goes up by 21 percent and the temperature goes up by more than 1 degree Fahrenheit.

pregnant women attracting mosquitoes

4. Clothing color

You’ve probably heard the advice to wear white or light clothing when going out at night to avoid being bit by mosquitos.

But did you know that dark colors—like black, blue, and red—are also an invitation to mosquitoes? In fact, according to some people, these colors are more attractive to mosquitos than lighter shades.

People who believe this might right suggest that wearing dark colors attracts mosquitos because they’re looking for blood. And if there’s a lot of blood around, they’ll bite anyone who looks like they could have it on their person.

But what if you don’t want your friends and family to think you’re a vampire? Well, then maybe it’s time to change your wardrobe! Try wearing something fun like pink or purple instead of black and see if that helps keep the mosquitos away.

5. Body odor

Everyone has a natural body odor which is more intense in some. However, when one sweats many compounds are released from our body. These odor-causing compounds include lactic acid, ammonia, lactic acid, etc. genetic factor is very strong here. Some people sweat more and even among them, some tend to release more chemical compounds than others. As indicated in this research, the genetic factor accounts for 85 percent of the total mosquito-biting situation.

mosquitos bites
a person with sweat is more likely to attract mosquitoes


Apart from the annoyance of burns and rashes, mosquitos are known to cause many life-threatening diseases like malaria and dengue which have been no short of a pandemic in third-world countries. Regardless of where one is from, it is important to take proper precautions to prevent any mishap from happening.  One must not apply mosquito repellent, avoid damp places, keep doors and windows shut and take care of one’s hygiene.

Hope that you found the article helpful and take good care of yourself.

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