The world’s 7 most dangerous houses


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1) Cliff Village, China

One of the most dangerous villages at the top of the mountain.
One of the most dangerous villages at the top of the mountain.

Atelier Village of China laughs in the face of Vertigo as it lies 800 meters up the side of a mountain in the province of Sichuan. The isolated and impoverished community can contact the world from the bottom of the 17 connected ladders, which leads down the steep mountainside. The journey down the ladder without any handrails or safety measures takes 90 minutes and going back up takes two hours. It especially becomes dangerous during wet and snowy seasons and has fallen and gone straight up to heaven. However, a photo went viral, prompting the authorities to develop a proper stair structure to make the journey less dangerous. The village has become a tourist spot. Fortunately, the community and its environs are generating fresh attention, which is helping the locals escape poverty.

2) Satyagin House

Image of Satyagin's most dangerous house
Image of Satyagin’s most dangerous house

If you don’t like how the thing has turned out, then keep on adding it, unless it satisfies you. This is exactly what the Russian businessman Nikolai Satyagin had originally built. A two-story building, but was not satisfied with it. So he decided to keep on adding the floors after 15 years. In 2007, the two-story building was expanded to 13 floors and stood more than 140 feet tall. Nikolai didn’t bother about any permits or plans, so he was in trouble with the law and was jailed for racketeering. The authorities decided the house was prone to fire hazards and pulled down the huge tower, bringing it back to its original two-floor plan in 1992. Unfortunately, even the burn to the ground once and for all ones. This one makes it one of the most world dangerous houses.

3) Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu dangerous and poisonous lake in the world.
Lake Kivu dangerous and poisonous lake in the world.

This lake is one of Africa’s Great Lakes. Sandy’s the 18th deepest in the world. Lake Kivu lies between two countries, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a huge lake. Mazuku the evil wind makes living in Kivu extremely risky in English. It means old methane. In 1984, thirty-seven people passed away because of the poisonous white gas coming from the lake. Two years later, 1700 people were the victim of another small eruption, and are believed that the lake erupts once every thousand years. The lake is overdue a blast, a blast which can prove to be more devastating than Armageddon. The Miranda government is planning to extract methane to relieve the pressure, which will provide a cheap energy source. 

4) Korowai Tree House

Korowai tribes have dangerous and riskiest tree houses.
Korowai tribes have dangerous and riskiest tree houses.

Living in a tree house that is as high as the Statue of Liberty sounds terrifying, but this amazing tree house is very well built. The tree house is located on the Island of South East and West Papua. New Guinea is sparsely populated by the Korowai tribes. The house is built to protect its inhabitants from spiders, venomous snakes, and other dangers surrounding them. The treehouse was discovered in the 1970 S when Christian missionaries explored the island. The tribes are the last in the world to practice cannibalism, and other hungry rival tribes are climbing up the tree house. The exploration led to exploitation and destruction of the forest began resulting in the demise of the tribal people.

5) Ellioaey, Iceland

Loneliest house in the world.

Iceland is already remote enough, but not for the family. Back in the 18th century, this wasn’t far enough from humanity. So they decided to build a house on a deserted island called Ilithya. This mysterious and strange house had some occupants living in the home but has been unoccupied since the 1930S. However, there have been many speculations, including that the famous musical star Bjork owns the house. Other rumors suggest. That it was built as a safe place to hide in the event of a zombie apocalypse. 

6) Fallingwater house

Beautiful and dangerous house on the water.

The house is built on a running waterfall in Pennsylvania and is one of America’s architectural masterpieces. The water house was built by the most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. Although the house is considered one of his finest works, he did not pay attention to detail when it came to the structure. The Fallingwater house was under the threat of becoming falling down the house by the 1990 S. The architectural Marvel began to sink and the beams were under tremendous pressure.  Fortunately, in the 2000 S, $11 million were raised for the restoration of the House without distorting its appearance. After the restoration was completed, the complex seems to be stable and holding together. 

7) Wozoco Apartments 

Wozoco apartments 7 most dangerous houses on the list
Wozoco apartments 7 most dangerous houses on the list

It is an art to make the best use of the small place and expand it as well. And the Dutch have mastered this art. The residences were constructed by the design firm MVRDV, whose work has been used to recapture a large portion of the Netherlands’ land area from the water. They were instructed to construct an apartment for the elderly. Allowing good lighting and a decent amount of green space. However, after the plans were drawn out, the client changed his mind and wanted to add extra 13 apartments, leading to a total of 100 houses. Normally the architect could have added more floors just like Nikolai, but it would block the sunlight needed for the green space. As a result, the architect had the novel idea of putting the additional flats outside the structure, dangling off the edges. The apartments increased the budget and other priorities were sacrificed for the houses floating in midair. Wozoco Apartments are one of the most beautiful and dangerous houses in the world.

So these are some of the most dangerous houses in the world. If your want to learn some more interesting facts click here


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