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For a life so glamorous, it is ironic how celebrities struggle in finding true sustainable love as is evident from high celebrities. It seems to us that they have all a person can wish for and desire.

But most stay ignorant of the reality of their lives.

One major aspect of their lives is the significantly high divorce rate.

It is shocking how quickly couples form and break in the film industry. It all begins with working together than being seen falling in love by the public. And before you know it we have a new power couple. Sadly, it is mostly the case that this powerful couple becomes powerless before the test of time.

When love demands persistence and time demands commitment, it all crumbles down.

This does not mean that their love was weak or their intentions were flawed which led to such an outcome. There are several factors specific to their circumstance that led to a high divorce rate among celebrities.

5 such reasons are as follows;

  1. Busy schedule

Models, actors, athletes, and the kind of demands they have to fulfill on the daily basis to live the life they live are unknown to normal people.

Waking up super early in the morning, working out, eating less, sitting on a chair for hours for make-up, spending your whole day on the set, returning home, and finally going to sleep for a few hours and then repeating.

Rationally speaking, such a lifestyle can hardly foster a healthy individual much less a healthy relationship.

Love demands time and attention. And these two things are scarce in celebrities.

Things seem manageable in the beginning but over time it gets unbearable. The pent frustration then forces its way out in the form of anger and arguments.

This factor is universal, a society with an overly busy population is sure to have a high divorce rate.

2. Financial stability

For common folk, financial aspects of things are an influence on major life decisions.

Marriage is one of them. Marriage is one of the biggest supports for a common man and divorce is a very expensive business.

If you want a divorce you have to pay for lawyers, settlement, and whatnot.

In the case of celebrities, money is not normally an issue unless they use toilet paper made of gold. This financial freedom makes it very easy for them to come to a decision.

If they are not happy or are unsatisfied, they simply part ways with little to no changes in their lifestyles.

Funny how a thing you desire makes it easy to let go of the thing you need.

3. Desire among public

The craze for celebrities is all-time high these days. Fans go bonkers to just get a glimpse of their favorite celebrity. They scream, cry, and even go suicidal.

It is natural to replace love with love. If not love from your spouse, then be it love from your fans.

We often see a celebrity seeking support from fans after a breakup or a divorce. And you best believe that fans are all for it.

With such a solid backup, the divorce rate escalates.

4. Temptations

Celebrities are often beautiful people.

And in this line of work physical contact is a very basic demand.

Actors work with other actors with whom they are not romantically involved initially. But it only takes an on-screen kissing scene for buds of love to blossom.

To be honest, it is very hard to blame them for it. The temptations are unimaginable and the heart is free.

So, hats off to the celebrities who do manage to keep their mind and heart in the right place.

5. Ego

domestic issues leads to divorce
having domestic issues leads to divorce rates

The ego is the biggest threat to any relationship.

In everyday life, we see people suffer in a relationship due to the ego of their partner, and ultimately the relationship suffers.

One’s ego is more likely to inflate when his work is admired by all, when just having their name attached to something catches the attention of the world and when one seems to be ruling the industry. It is the truest for celebrities.

In such a situation, it becomes easier to see the flaws in others and be ignorant of your own.

Their ego nurtures narcissism in them and the narcissism ends the relationship and divorce becomes inevitable.

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