3 Ways to fix DNS Server isn’t responding


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Facing the issue of DNS server isn’t responding even you’re connected to your internet. Here we come up with the best possible solution to this issue. First, we’ll discuss why this issue happens then we will move towards its fixing.

Why this issue happens:

There are several reasons why this issue comes to your pc or laptop. The major one is your router IP configuration issue with your PC/Laptop. You might also face this issue if the CMOS battery in your pc isn’t working properly. If two routers connected to the same device having the same IP addresses also makes this happen.

How to Fix this issue:

Here are several steps to remove the issue of DNS server error. Moving forwards.

1) Restart/Restart Your Router

At first, sometimes restarting your router may solve the issue of IP configuration automatically. So after restarting manually or by going to the web application of your router just by typing the IP address in the search engine.

-> Type your IP address in the google example: in my case.

-> Moving to the left bottom corner pop-up window will appear in front of you asking for the credentials of your router. Username and password. In most cases both are admin.

-> You may also find login credentials on the back of the router device. Just type them and you’ll move towards the homepage. Select advanced setting.

-> Then move to set options in your you’ll find the option of restart and reset.

-> Try both of them in case restart does not work.

-> Then check refreshing your browser if a DNS error has gone.

2) Forgot Your Network

If step 1 doesn’t work for you don’t worry. Forgetting it may help you. Just forget it and try connecting again. It will fix the IP configuration issue while assigning new IP to your device.

3) Resetting DNS setting Using CMD

The fix that also works for me is resetting or flushing your DNS setting using the command prompt. Let’s begin.

-> First press window + R key.

-> Popup window will appear type cmd in that.

-> Now command prompt will open. First, type ipconfig /release and hit enter.

1 1
ipconfig /release command demo

-> Now type ipconfig /flushdns in cmd and hit enter.

3 1 1
ipconfig /flushdns command demo

-> At last type ipconfig /renew and hit enter.

3 3
ipconfig /renew command demo

That’s all now check your browser and refresh it again. Hope it will work properly. If your wifi is already connected first disconnect it applies these commands then connect it again. Hope this will fix your issue with DNS. Make sure the issue must be of the DNS server isn’t responding before trying these commands.

Hope you’ll like this article. Which step works for you and if you have any queries regarding this article leave a comment below.


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