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One body part everyone can fair better with is a strong and healthy brain.

 Most think that genetics is the only factor that makes a decisive impact on human intellect. However, luckily for us, that is not completely true. Though your genes are important, it is your habits that help your brain perform well in the long run.

 Consistency is important in everything and the brain department is no different. There are certain ways through which you can keep your mind sharp and sturdy.

Here are 5 are the most basic and effective of such ways:

  • DIET

You might have heard it a million times but trust me you have heard it for a reason. A balanced diet with all the essential nutrients goes a very long way in life. Planning and maintaining a diet is easy if you keep things simple.

The brain is 60% fat. So, after you are done hydrating yourself get ready for some fatty intake. But not just any fats, the good fats.  Fats contain polyunsaturated fatty acids which are essential fats. Fatty fish like salmon is the best source of such fats. So, having fish a few times a week shall do.

Like fish, dry nuts like almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Fruits like barriers, kiwi, and oranges are rich in vitamin C which helps prevent brain damage.

Implementing appropriate changes will in your diet surely makes a noticeable difference.


Like a healthy diet routine exercise can do wonders for your body and your brain.

It is best to focus on exercise that gets your heart pumping and blood rushing. Increased blood flow to your brain supplies it with hormones and nutrients that promote development.

 So, make it a habit to have a jog or walk daily at the time of your preference. If those two don’t interest you, it is fine. Just do whatever you like that fulfills the requirement.

exercising persons
persons are exercising to improve the brain

You might not be aware of it but a lot is happening in your head when you are asleep.

Your memories are being consolidated, toxins are being removed and damage is being repaired. Now imagine what would happen to you if none of this happens.

 You cannot, can you?

 Don’t worry imagining it is not as important as preventing it.

 You can do so by getting a good night’s sleep and maybe a 30 min power nap every other day at noon.


What mostly fries up our neurons is not having an organized chain of thought.

If you want to stand out on basis of your cognitive ability it is a must to have your mind in place. That is where meditation comes into the equation.

mum kid z
image showing two persons meditating for improving the brain

Do all you want with your lifestyle but if you do not exercise that one thing you want to improve, it is of no use.

 Get your head working and feel it grow.

Do things that get you going, things that excite you. When you are happy your body releases hormones that help your brain work better.

This part of the process gives you the most freedom as you can practically do whatever you want. Read books if you feel like it, do sports, play games, do puzzles. In short, get your head into things. Broaden your horizons and it will brighten your mind.


That is it, folks.

 A balanced diet, regular exercise, a good sleep schedule, meditation, and mental activity are 5 mantras for a dominating brain and a healthy life. Despite these being common knowledge, it is mostly negligence in these that causes one to be left behind in the race.

Pay them with mind and they will pay back in mind.

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