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I have often noticed people arguing that there are just so many of self-help books out there. And what bothers them is that they all talk about the same stuff. This has created a lot of confusion about choosing books that don’t waste their time and money. Here in this post, I have accumulated some of the best books out there that have had life-changing effects on me and are not just a bunch of motivational quotes huddled together.

1. Barking Up the Wrong Tree by “Eric Barker”

Have you ever asked yourself why successful people are successful? Well, you might say they work hard, are consistent blah blah blah, and other things that we have been told right from the start.

Eric Barker in one of the most influential books of all time writes about the surprising science behind why everything we know about success is (mostly) wrong. He talks about the advices we receive throughout our life about achievements and victories and prove them downright wrong. Moreover, he uses intriguing anecdotes and pieces of evidence from our daily lives. This book is not just unconventional in its writing but filled with witty jokes, sarcasm, and amusing remarks.

Furthermore, the most amazing thing about this book is that it probes deeper into the lives of the most successful people ever lived. He proves how trivial these people were by providing us with startling shreds of evidence. This gives us a chance to accept that we are no different than them. Furthermore, he teaches trust and cooperation from the lives of Pirates, Gang Members, and Serial Killers, the power of Networks from Hostage Negotiators and Top Comedians. In short, this book is an eye-opener. It is no less than a prodigious revelation for anyone trying to understand the science behind success.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree Download pdf, or order online.

barking up the wrong tree

2. Atomic Habits by “James Clear”

Do you ever feel like you’re just moving through life but not getting near to becoming the person you always dream about becoming? That your goals and habits are right in front of your eyes. But at the same time quite distant from your grasp? It usually happens around New Year. You imagine all the bad habits you’re going to break free from, and all the good habits you will begin. “This time will be different you say to yourself” but again you find yourself in a circle that rolls you back into your bad habits. Then the question arises, how can we become the person we dream about becoming?

In his book, “Atomic Habits,” James Clear breaks down the processes of building habits and systems required to build them. He stresses upon the fact that just the smallest of the changes in our daily habits can accumulate to be too massive that they can bring monument differences in our life. Each chapter is filled with most effective instructions. The primary aim is to build a system that makes good habits attractive and the bad ones despicable.

Moreover, James Clear adeptly explains the complex topics of psychology and human behavior into easily understandable and relatable terminology for the layman. When I first read this book, I instantly realized the mistakes I was making every day without even being conscious of them. But now that I have read this book over and over and applied it to my routine, I have been able to make massive differences. It’s highly recommended because it’s short, easily understandable, and VERY effective. In short, according to James Clear, just 1% better each day will transform your whole life for the better.

Atomic Habits Download pdf, or order online.


3. The Psychology of Money by “Morgan Housel”

Why are some people so massively rich and why most of us are struggling to just get through the day? Morgan Housel in his book “The Psychology of Money” writes that money is present everywhere. Though it affects all of us in different ways, most of the time it just confuses us. Everyone has different perspectives about it. And most importantly everyone behaves differently when they have the same amount of money in their grasp.

According to him, “it is one of the greatest shows on Earth.” In this book, the writer’s main focus is through the lenses of psychology and history instead of finance lessons. He reads and talks about the most influential people on earth. Moreover, he studies and writes their behaviors and perspectives about the spending of money.

One of the most important quotes from this book is, “History never repeats itself; man always does.” It applies perfectly to how we behave with money.

I read this book last summer but I haven’t become a millionaire, disappointing, right? Make note that I never said this book will make you filthy rich, no book can ever do that. But it did disillusion me about wealth, greed, and happiness and set me in the right direction for the future. I’m way more contented with how I spend my money now and what I should focus on in life to remain happy and satisfied.

The Psychology of Money Download pdf, or order online.

Psychology of Money

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People by “Dale Carnegie”

This right here is one of the most influential books in history. In Warren Buffett’s own words, “[Carnegie] changed my life.” You don’t hear these words too often from the mouth of some multi-billionaires, do you?

Well, it happened with Warren Buffett and many others who were socially awkward, didn’t know how to make friends (just like me), and were ignored by most of the people.

After reading this book, not only did I manage to make friends easily, but I have also taught others the same techniques that worked out for me. It’s easy to read, effective, fathomable, and doesn’t require much scrutinizing either. A highly recommended book to break the patterns of loneliness and find your true place among people.

How to Win Friends and Influence People Download pdf, or order online.

how to 1

5. The Laws of Human Nature by “Robert Greene”

A succinct, eloquent, and fascinating portrayal of many concepts of the human experience. All of which can deeply resonate with individuals and their past experiences. This book is commanding.

It probes deep into the very foundation of human nature as social animals and exposes it as a skeleton in everyone’s closet. This book is the most detailed account of human nature that could help everyone unmask or identify his/her flaws.

The Laws of Human Nature Download pdf, or order online.

robert greene


In short, these books are filled with plenty of psychological help that we desperately need to identify ourselves. Skipping them will probably be the biggest mistake of your life. I have tried them, each one of them, and am living a much more pleasant life that I imagined was only possible for other people and not for me. They are filled with wisdom and the way they analyze people and stories take you to another world. 



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